Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UPS: Save time, money, and yes, even headaches.

Save time, money, and yes, even headaches.

To help you grow your business, we‘ve created a program with handpicked benefits for small business owners—including free pickups, shipping discounts, a complimentary business consultation, and more.

This free program helps you:

Spot the weak links in your supply chain

Schedule a conversation with one of our logistics experts: you tell us a little bit about your business goals, and we‘ll help you find ways to streamline your operations.
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Save on shipping so you can reinvest that “extra” cash

Open or link your UPS account and immediately get 20% off air and international shipments and 10% off ground.*

Get shipments out the door faster with free pickups

Send automatic alerts to UPS whenever you have a package that's ready to ship. A driver will swing by—at no cost to you.*

Discover what tools are right for you

A dedicated support team is available to discuss which timesaving products can help you work more efficiently.
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Find inspiration for your business

Check out the latest business insights including case studies, research, and trends to watch.
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