Saturday, February 08, 2014

Ben Norman's SEO: Day 5 - Link Building

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Day 5 - Link Building.
Link building is a fundamental point when it comes to getting your website moving up the search engines.
The search engines now use the inward links pointing at a website to confirm what a website is about and where to rank it. This is because it is thought that other websites are likely to be more truthful about your website than you would.
It is important to remember that not all links are made equal and the only links you want to focus on getting are one way links. This means that a website links to your website but you don't have to link back. This is the most powerful link and the only one you want to focus on. Reciprocal links are where you link to someone and they link back but this has a few problems being:
  • Google knows it's reciprocated and takes away relevance
  • If the website turns into a bad neighbourhood in the future and your linking to it your website could get penalised
You also want to ensure you get the most from your links by making sure the anchor text (the text that has the hyperlink in it) is relevant for example instead of having "click here" or your website address if you sold Sony Cameras you would have that as your link mixed with other relevant phrases such as "cheap Sony cameras" "buy Sony cameras".
Another way to make sure you get the most out of links is to make sure the links you get are from relevant websites as if they are not they are not worth as much.
Now there are many different ways in obtaining links including:
  • Writing articles that you post to places like ezine articles then other webmasters can publish them on their website in return for linking back
  • Going to relevant directories free (use the Vilesilencer list) and paid (such as Yahoo directory) and adding your website
  • Producing surveys which people can use in return for a link
  • Write great blog posts that people will link to
  • Create applications, documents and put on your website to get links
Just remember Google has declared war on link buyers so stay away for buying links on people's websites as sooner or later Google will find it and penalise your website for it.

Tomorrow we will be looking at email marketing and how to capitalise on non-buyers so be sure to check your inbox.