Monday, February 03, 2014

Ben Norman's 7 Day Search Engine Optimization Course.

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7 Day Search Engine Optimisation Course

Day 1 - Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation and Course Schedule.
Search engine marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising available today. The reason for its effectiveness is down to the unique way in which you are able to interact with your audience. You are able to get in front of them at the exact moment that they are looking for your product and or service.
This makes for a very powerful and highly converting advertising tool. What's even better is compared with other forms of advertising it is also very cost effective. Instead of having to find your customers you can have them finding you!
Search engine optimisation is not a dark art as commonly believed it is much more straight forward than that and boils down to pure relevance. This is why we put in as much relative information in every place we can.
The sites at the top of the search engines natural listings are there because the search engines believe them to be the most relevant for their particular search query. Relevance is decided over many different factors but if we break it down to its 2 highest level factors they are:
  • On page optimisation - Keyword weight and prominence, site structure, internal linking etc
  • Off page optimisation - Inward links to a website
Each part is very important and demands a level of skill and knowledge which over the next 7 days I hope to be able to arm you with so you can help your website achieve its place at the top of the search engines.
Also, if you don't already, I recommend getting Google Analytics activated for your website so you can track your progress as you will want to make sure that everything you do not only increases your rankings but also increases your website's traffic and conversions. To Get Google Analytics just follow the link and sign up, you will need to put a small amount of JavaScript on the bottom of your pages and that's it.
Course Schedule:
Tomorrow - Keyword research and how to find your killer keywords
Day 3 - Website analysis and Competition research, how well are they doing
Day 4 - Optimising your website's on page factors
Day 5 - Link Building for your website and ensuring the off page factors add up
Day 6 - Email marketing how you should be using it and why it is normally the most under-utilised tool in your marketing arsenal
Day 7 - The Blog and RSS Feeds

Tomorrow we will be looking at keyword research and how to find your killer keywords so be sure to check your inbox.