Monday, February 10, 2014

Ben Norman's SEO course: Day 6 - Email Marketing.

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Day 6 - Email Marketing
Email marketing, although not strictly part of a normal SEO process, is, in my opinion, a great way to catch and make maximum use of the new traffic to your website.
Whilst the SEO process brings good targeted traffic to a website, not everyone is quick to catch on to harnessing every last visitor. Most web sites focus on visitors that are ready to buy and totally ignore their future buyers (the people that are there to look around and get more information). Email marketing allows you to capture those people in a list and then keep marketing to them through emails.
There is a great tool out there called AWeber which allows you to setup an email list on your website which is very easy to do and the system does all of the hard work for you enabling you to just focus on building your lists.
For example to build my list I have given away this week long search engine optimisation course. This gives people in my list a great informative course which helps them and their websites do better and I then have permission to contact them with other information as and when.
Now it is important to remember that you can't just bombard people with rubbish as they will just remove themselves from your list but as long as you keep it informative there would be no reason to leave.
Ways in which to market this is:
  • Offer a free course such as this one
  • Offer a free video
  • Offer access to a forum or members area
The key thing to remember is not to sell at people. You just need to be informative and keep giving information this way you will be able to not only make the sales through your website but also take the window shoppers by the hand then educate them and then sell to them later.
It is very easy to get started with AWeber and cost effective too. They will also make sure everything is double opt in etc, so you stay legal. The system will also allow you to set up auto responders like that you are receiving from me so the system will automatically send you a series of emails over an adjustable period of time.
So go to Aweber and sign up for a trial and remember why waste the visits when you can push them to your newsletter educate them and sell to them later.

Tomorrow we will be looking at blogs and RSS so be sure to check your inbox.