Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How Paying for Postage Made me a Better Marketer.


How Paying for Postage Made me a Better Marketer

image of postage stamps
I have a confession. I’m a direct mail guy.
I’ve been responsible for over a billion pieces of mail. And when I say “mail,” I mean those paper things that come to your physical mailbox. (Good thing I didn’t have to lick the stamps.)
I’ve learned a ton from the online marketers I’ve been hanging around with the last few years. Your expertise in harnessing technology amazes me, and the speed with which you execute astounds me.
But as we all know — especially in the Copyblogger community — good great copy and creative raises all boats.
And anyone who claims to be “crushing it” online could, well, “crush it even more” if they paid as much attention to their copy as they do to the technology.
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