Monday, February 10, 2014

Ben Norman's SEO course: Day 7 - Blogs & RSS.

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7 Day Search Engine Optimisation Course

Day 7 - Blogs & RSS.
Blog and RSS are two terms you will more than likely have heard of. Now the reason I am including them is because search engines love unique and fresh content and Blogs give them just that.
Now having a blog is something you need to be able to commit time to as you need to keep it up to date for it to remain effective and cast you in the right light.
Blogging doesn't have to be massively time consuming but it is about giving information and being seen to be the go to people in your industry. I find with my company many of the people that come through have been on our blog looking at what we say what we have done etc and it has proved to be a good tool at showing how good we really are.
You could for example if you were a camera shop you could have a blog which contained reviews of all the new cameras coming out with pictures and write-ups and by optimising the blog post with the camera name and number in the title chances are you could appear high in the rankings for that term. With our blog we find we can do a post and within minutes it is being ranked by Google and more often than not for the terms in our title tag. It is worth noting this is with long tail terms you are not going to do a post with "secured loan" as the title and get a high position of the bat.
I always recommend WordPress for people looking to set up blogs on their website as it is totally free and very easy to install just follow the 5 step instruction process.
Once installed it is just as easy to customise and a theme can be installed for free or if you want one that will fit in with your website you can have one designed for it through somewhere like Elance for about £100.
When you have your blog installed people can then sign up to your RSS feed which means that every time you update your blog they will get it delivered straight to their RSS reader meaning it is even easier to stay in touch with them.
Blogs are something that I can't recommend enough as when used properly can really give you the edge over your competition and show you as the go to company in your niche.
I hope you have enjoyed this course and like to receive feedback as i am always updating it and like to ensure it contains what people want. So if you have a idea, feel something else should be added please get in touch.

What Next?
Thats the end of this short course but keep an eye on your inbox for more emails from me. Alternativly keep an eye on my blog for more tip and help.