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Smartphone Monitoring Software

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Mspy is a Very Advance Spy Application that allows you to log in from Any computer and Track any Mobile Phone online. Download and Install this Mobile Phone Spy Software on any phone that is given to a family member or an employee of yours, you can Monitor that Mobile Phone from your computer Using a Username and Password of your choice without being detected.
This Software is Available Worldwide in Over 125 Countries.
Mspy is a Very Light Software, its Only 4.7 MB in Size. This program has no entries in the User Menu , and its files are extremely discreet. This software is totally invisible, there is no Icon or Symbol that shows the presence of Mspy on screen of Mobile.
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This Spy Software can be used to Monitor Maximum of Five Mobile Phones at a Time. If you have a Internet Connection in your Mobile Phone, then you can use all Software Features and track Other Cell Phones using your Mobile web Browser.
Call Tracking, Call Listening, SMS Tracking, GPS Location Tracking,Surround Listening, PhoneBook Access, Photo Tracking, Wipe Phone Remotely, Block Incoming Calls, URL Tracking, Email Tracking and Social Media Tracking are Advanced Spy Features of this Software.

Gps tracking spy mobile software to track any mobile phone from your Computer online
Mobile Phone Spy Software for Spying and Tracking gps location of cell phones
   Spy on Any Mobile Phone from your Computer 

Cell phone spy software to spy mobile phones and Track gps location remotely

Smartphone Requirements

Mspy Software is Compatible with All Mobile Phones of Android, Blackberry, iphone, Windows Mobile Phones, Symbian OS Devices, iPads, Palm OS, Tabs and Other SmartPhones.

Mobile phone spy software for online gps tracking
  Call Tracking Feature
Mspy Software can Track the Numbers that your child or employees have called, Or Which Numbers have called them. In addition, You can view how many calls were made for each Number, at what Time they were made, and how long each Call Lasted. Also, if the Number is Registered under a Name in the Phone's Memory, you can see it.  Call Listening (New)

Call Listening is the New Advanced Spy Feature Added to Mspy software. This Spying feature allows you to listen to any phone calls made or received from Target Phone. It automatically Records all calls in your Mspy Account with Date, Time & Call Duration. You can visit your Account any time and listen to calls using your Head Phones.
 SMS Tracking Feature
This Spy Software allows your to Read any Message that was Received by or Sent from the Targeted phone. The Messages are Logged into your Mspy Account as they are generated, so you can read them even if the holder of the Phone Erases them.
 GPS Location Tracking Feature
This GPS Tracking feature can track the exact Live Location of Any Mobile phone using Google Maps Online. Find out if junior is really at the library or if your employee is really detained in traffic. 

    Surround Listening  (New)

Surround Listening is a New Advanced Spy Feature Added to this Software, After Installing Mspy Software in The Target Phone, Simply Login to your Mspy Online Account and Activate this Feature. On Activation, the Target Mobile Phone turns into a Listening Device. You can Listen to the Live Surrounding Sounds and Conversations upto 10 Feet of that Target Phone by Simply using your Head Phones. 
This Entire Process is Extremely Silent, there is no Visible Activity on that Target Mobile Phone.
This Spy software can Track Every phone number with Names that are Registered in Phone Memory of the Targeted Phone. You can access them in your Online Mspy Account.
  Social Media Tracking (New)
This New Advanced Spy Feature Allows you to Track Social Media Networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber & Skype. If your Target is an Active User of this Social Media Networks on his Mobile Phone, then you will be able to Access all the Messages, Chats and Call Logs of that Target Phone. 
 Email Tracking Feature
This Mobile Phone Spy Software can Track All Emails Sent & Received by Target Phone. You can Read All Emails in your Online Mspy Account.
 Wipe Phone Remotely

This Mspy Software Feature Allows you to Remotely Wipe Out Any Data Saved on the Target Phone. You can Delete Photos, Videos, SMS, Contacts, Events, Installed Apps, Call Logs. 
  URL Tracking Feature
This Spying Software Tracks All URLs the User has Visited in Cell Phone Browser. You'll be able to See if the User is Viewing Something they Shouldn't be Viewing.
 Block Incoming Calls

This Spy Application Allows you to Restrict and Block Incoming Calls from Any Specific Phone Number or You can also Block All Incoming Calls to that Target Phone.
  Photo Tracking
 This Software Allows you to View All Photos & Videos Saved in Target Mobile Phone.

Spy mobile phone tracker software for cell phone spying

Disclaimer :- This Software is designed for monitoring your children, employees or others on a smartphone or mobile device that you own or have proper consent to monitor. You are required to notify users of the device that they are being monitored.
Spy Software for android blackberry iphone and windows mobile phone
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