Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is Cyber Security?

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What is Cyber Security?

The UK along with many other countries have had the threat of terrorism attacks over them for decades and although these threats are still very much active more recently the dangers have also started to move online or into the Cyber space. Cyber-attacks can be in many forms including the internet, telecommunications systems and computer systems. These cyber-attacks are now not only derived from foreign states but from organised criminals looking to defraud, disrupt or destroy the infrastructures of companies for financial or other gains.

Cyber Security is basically the action of countering cyber-attacks from these external threats by implementing IT security measures to stop the attacks before they cause too much damage.

Countries all over the world are now facing an ongoing threats from hostile states, terrorists, hacktivists and criminals operating in this area with the common goal to disrupt so Governments and corporations are looking to implement Cyber Security measures to prevent this.
Due to the nature of this increased risk the need for specialists within the Cyber Security Jobs sector has created a shortfall of qualified candidates.
The shortfall that we now have is providing great opportunities for candidates with an IT exposure to cross train and work within Cyber Security or for 1st jobbers to enter this exciting marketplace and even Graduates recently qualified with newly created industry qualifications.
Some common Job Titles within Cyber Security are: CISO (Chief Information Security Officer, CIO (Chief Information Officer), Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Security Architect, Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, IT Security Analyst, Information Assurance, Identity Management, Forensic Investigation, Risk Management,  Penetration Testing, Security Architect, Network Security, Security Auditor, Security Manager and many more…
International governments have highlighted that Cyber Security is now as much of a priority to them as terrorism, international military crisis or natural disasters. In order to obtain their objectives within the Cyber Security Jobs space many governments across the globe are increasing their funding and commitment to fighting Cyber Crime.
The area of Cyber Security is a new and dynamic place to work with every day putting forward challenging and interesting hurdles for the people who work within it. If you are looking to work within this exciting industry please register your details with Cyber Security Jobsite and search for the latest cyber security vacancies and set yourself up for Job Alerts delivered to you on a daily basis.