Friday, October 11, 2013

Prevent unwanted comments and comment spam.


Prevent unwanted comments and comment spam

Blogger has several built-in measures for dealing with comment spam and other associated dastardly behavior.
  1. Only five html tags are accepted:
    <a> (for making links)
    <strong> and <b> (for making text bold)
    <em> and <i> (for making text italicicized)
  2. All links will automagically use the rel="nofollow" tag, so they'll receive no PageRank boost.
  3. You can choose to receive notification by email when new comments have been posted on your blog. This way, you can monitor them for spam and delete them when necessary.
  4. You can enable word verification for your comments. This will require an extra step in the commenting process, which will deter automated comment spamming systems.
  5. You can enable comment moderation, which will let you view new comments and approve or reject them before they appear on your blog.