Friday, October 11, 2013

3 Ways to Get Free Blog Content.

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3 Ways to Get Free Blog Content

The bane of most digital marketer’s existence is regularly feeding branded blogs with quality content. Generating enough content to be considered relevant in your industry is a grueling process that requires constant creativity and a highly organized operation. However, doing so will generate a reliable stream of prospects to your website.
But what if I told you that there were channels out there to help supplement your content generation efforts for free? Here are a few reliable channels that can serve your blog content needs in a supplemental fashion.

Public Relations Pitches

3 Ways to Get Free Blog Content image cisionA little-known secret outside the PR industry is that there are just a few software applications out there that PR professionals use to locate and reach out to journalists. Submit your blog to Cision and other databases, and you will receive at least 2-3 pitches per day from PR professionals. The pitches aren’t always the most relevant, but the high number of pitches result in at least a few decent content pitches from PR pros.
When I do receive a pitch for a story that I find relevant, I always make sure to let the PR agent know that it must be . You can quickly double-check original content by copying & pasting a few sentences into search engines in quotes. No results means that it’s original! The search method can also detect spun articles if the search returns sentences that are 90% the same.
If the content is original and well-written, then I almost always invite the writer to become a regular contributor. If your blog is attractive to writers then you will be successful earning regular contributors over time.

Write for Us Page

It is a great practice to set up a write for us page for your blog. This is a great way to attract savvy writers and SEO writers to contribute to your blog. However, this method can be a double-edged sword if you attract SEO writers that are just too aggressive. It is a good policy to make sure that the content is original and hasn’t been spun. Also make sure that the writer understands that you won’t allow more than one external link. Furthermore, the link must be relevant to the story and you as the publisher have control over the anchor text. Following these best practices with SEO writers will avoid spam on your blog.
Follow these best practices when setting up ‘write for us’ pages and SEO writers will find you!

Industry Blogger Outreach

Reaching out to popular bloggers in your industry is a great way to get content for your blog, but you must understand the ‘economy’ of this transaction to be successful – your brand wants free content and the blogger wants additional coverage.
Just remember that your blog must be attractive enough to earn an effort from these writers. This means that your blog can’t be a dead-end publication. Your content must be regularly shared & promoted on social networks. If your team is not regularly supporting your blog and earning social media shares then industry blogger outreach probably won’t be successful.
If you are regularly promoting your blog content on social networks and earning shares, then use this data to motivate a blogger to add content to your blog. In your pitch, be sure to mention all of the promotional channels that your team uses to promote blog posts.

Writer/Publisher Symbiosis

Just remember that your contributing writer has to get something out of this relationship too and focus on that value. If both parties are diligent in creating value then this can be a symbiotic relationship that adds value to both parties. Don’t forget to empathize with the writer and make sure that you are adding the most value. Adding more value to your contributing writers will significantly increase the value that you get back by earning higher quality content and writers.