Wednesday, May 14, 2014

UK: GP wants retirement early, I give my solution.

GP brings forward their retirement plan in looming crisis for profession, they say that they spend their time at doctor's office from 8:45 am to 6:30 pm. They said that 10 year ago they spent less time in the doctors office. But today there is more patient than before and a GP earn more money than before. It is easy to solve this problem, do a part time job for GP.

Only partitioned work hours of medical practitioners, part-time (5 hours) of work will be sufficient to carryout a decent salary, and the computer system that has the NHS can provide good service to the public. Thus, the bottleneck of the GP would improve and so will not be retiring early.

What is happening now that each nurse cares for 8 patients, also can be solved by partitioning the work schedule to part-time thereby alleviating its heavy work, opening up opportunities for volunteering to be part of the solution of problem, besides you have to creating new job descriptions of care nurse giving less responsible, with a short and easy course to meet the training needs to cover existing in the health system in the UK. This can be done if hourly wages are high, and not harm the economies of each individual family nurse or physician.

This is a logical consequence of the growth of the system, today there are more population living in the UK than 10 years ago and therefore are more patients to meet and work systems to make them more productive have to decrease professional to be adapted to the existing reality of the economic crisis which we live, so does the computer systems to be updated and upgraded software and hardware.

All this said above is further complicated with increasing life expectancy, that is, people live more years and therefore are more elderly patients seeking consultation with the GP, this is part of the problem than comes the demographic analysts saying that Europe is doing with more old people than young population, and the birth rate is lower by the crisis, in short that less young people work, pay taxes and social security traded, and more people are getting older or senior and experiencing changes in their workplaces, but the worst is that more people are getting old and retirement age and the system of economic balance between inputs and outputs of the audit health system, as the system of tax breaks to pensioners who have more people paying social security than people are paying to NHS for their work.

Alex Rojas Riva