Friday, February 06, 2015

Social Insights Metrics that Really Matters

Actionable metrics - True Social Metrics (30 days Free-Trial or Premium)

Conversation / Amplification / Applause rates will help you to measure the real active engagement of users with your social media pages. Compare the performance and Economic value for all your social media accounts and find the most effective social networks for your business. When did you find in your Dashboard the “Best Social Media Network” for your business? is when it's worth for your business, and is when the Economic Value is higher as well as Amplification rate. Conversation and Applause Rate push the envelope forward in engagement and awareness of branding.

Competitive analysis
Competitive analysis is required to know how “well done” are you playing or performance with your business in your Social Media Fan Page. No login credentials are required to connect competitors’ social media pages. Compare your results against your competitors, analyze their posting strategy, social media campaigns, and followers and learn from their best practices.

Social Content analytics
Find out which topics and types of content are the best at engaging your followers: which are triggering a conversation, or are more likely to be shared or favorite. Use Content Segmentation for a more advanced analysis.

Audience analytics
Identify the most powerful social influencers for your business and the most engaged users who can become your brand advocates. Analyze which topics and types of content are the most effective for engaging your influencers.

See Conversations As They Happen - Nuvi Social Metrics Real-Time Social Intelligence ( Request a 14 days Free-Trial or 500$/month)

Real-time visualizations, like our patented Bubble Stream: show you who are talking, what they are saying, and where the conversations are happening. Your team can quickly reveal patterns and insights in social conversations as they happen.

Upgrade Your Command Centers: NUVI was born from one of the first social media command centers, and we stay true to our roots. Our stunning visualizations have brought real-time insights to Agencies, Brands, Universities, Consultants, Researchers and Law Enforcement teams.

Monitor More Than Keywords: Group and topic monitors make it easy to monitor more than just keywords, URLs, hashtags or @usernames. Get the full picture on social profiles or topics by following the conversation from your fans and key influencers, to your competitors and their fans.

Integrate Your Social Channels: We combine data from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts to help you track followers, engagement, and comments. Visualize how the content resonates with your audience across each channel, all in one place.

Share Insights with Custom Reports: Generate clean, accurate, and detailed reports that are easy to share and suitable for your clients, executives and team members. Printable PDFs, interactive reports and email summaries let you share social insights in person or online.

Stay Up-To-Date Out of the Office: Email and text alerts notify you of notable events like when there are changes in volume or sentiment, when a favorite profile or key influencer posts, or when people are using your hashtags or topics. Never miss a thing, even while monitoring everything.

Flag Mentions To Start Workflows: Our flagging system makes working with multiple team members and custom workflows simple. Setup NUVI to email customer service about an issue, send a warm lead to sales, or even update your enterprise software with our API — all with a simple flag.

Integrate Nuvi Into Your Website: Your clients can experience the power and beauty of NUVI alongside the rest of your online service. Available API access, URL white labeling and customized reports add social intelligence to your platform. Or, add your own logo to NUVI to create a separate branded experience.