Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Turning off data roaming mobile when travel abroad.

Switch off data roaming and iCloud mobile to avoid a Mass Mobile Bill before Travelling Abroad. The best way is unlocked your mobile before your travel or buy a cheaper unlocked mobile, then when arrived to your destination buy a local prepaid SIM Card with enough Data Mobile, like (150 Country Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 250 or 500 MB Data), and install in your smartphone just during your holidays. Do not forget to use Free Wi-Fi at your hotel and hotspots available at library, restaurants and pubs.

Use the internet connexion hotspots only when necessary and for a short time in public places, so you prevent hackers or crackers will not see your photos, contacts and private conversations on your mobile, and always disconnect the Wi-Fi public after use.

Recommended use with Intelligent Data Teams:

BlackBerry devices with version 10.0 operating system , iPhone and Android devices NOT compress data , so they may cause unexpected consumption on your bill . Devices with BlackBerry operating system to version 7.1 if you compress the data .There are apps that constantly generate data consumption as Twitter , Facebook, Messenger , Skype, applications and Weather Forecast Maps etc. . , As always keep the connection open and some are updated even when running in the background . Sign only when you will use and remember to close the session if you will be unavailable for a while.
There are applications that offer free content storage for your photos , music , videos and documents in general , such as Dropbox , iCloud, Google Drive, among others , which can generate consumption data to be used if you do not have a WiFi connection. We recommend you take precautions when deciding to use : Data benefit from free WiFi zones and make sure the connection is really this way , check the user manual of your computer/mobile.
If you have an Android device we recommend see " Google Play Store" different applications available through which you can control and monitor your data consumption , such as: "Traffic Monitor" and " Monitor Data Traffic " .

ARE YOU USING ROAMING?: prevents unexpected data consumption on your invoice:

     CONNECTED IN MOBILE DATA or DATA only when you require.

     NETWORKS BY USING Wi-Fi: make sure you have an effective connection, since all consumption outside of these networks is charged.
Make sure that when you go to use Free Wi-Fi, first switched off your mobile data.

     Before traveling can DISABLE MOBILE DATA or DATA on the menu of your mobile device by following these steps:

         Android: Settings / More Settings / Mobile Networks / data connection Disable / Uncheck Data Roaming.

         iPhone: Settings / General / Network Before driving off "Data Roaming" option

         BlackBerry operating system to version 7.1: Manage Connections / Mobile Network Options / Before driving off "Data Roaming" option

         BlackBerry operating systems version 10.0: Settings / Network Connections / Mobile Network. Before driving off "Data Roaming Services" option