Saturday, April 05, 2014

My advice to Universal Analytics (Google).

Since Universal Analytics left beta version or trial period.My advice to Universal Analytics ( Google UA ) is to use the biometric system , iris or retina reading to unify once and for all the offline and online sales in its new tool, thus , will offer the same service for free with the same UA tool , most comprehensive analytical information of the client database, and allowing better segmenting on Universal Analytics tool (like by hardware: smartphone, laptop, PC, Tablet, by OS-software: include Ubuntu/Linux, by behavior: Offline, Online), just increase a field in the database of all customer website using Google Analytics tool , the same it should allowed on UA tool , allowing the transition from GA tool to UA tool, and also allowing use an iris reader developed by Google (new free app called RETINA UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS App, RUA App), also keep customers the free use , and updated interpretations of data closer to the existing reality.Every customer buying online will have to add a record reading your own iris , which will allow you to be unique , such as online and offline customer .When the customer goes to the physical store , with just a reading of the iris , which will be recorded by the smartphone Store and checked every certain period of time in case of lost or stolen smartphone regular customer, update data, suspected of usurpation of person in a physical store using a stolen or lost mobile want to buy using data from credit or debit card registered on the website before by the real client .After making a thorough check of the person is the real owner of the smartphone, is when only then we will know that all your data and the actual purchase you make will be added correctly to your buy offline behavior from the same client and your behavior will be recorded by Universal Analytics online, offline and on time.File reading iris client will be stored in the cloud , so if lost or stolen mobile Store is not very difficult to sell the next day at the store, and only checks with iris client when you have a purchase of a new customer and that also acts suspicious , since regular customers are well known to store employees , but new or recent customers is checked for safety and tranquility.Another tip , UA should not use fingerprint readers , as they have a higher percentage rate of duplication , but can be a second field to add to the database client to identify the same customer only , that is, double check identity .
Neither is recommended to use a number of client / customer card, because the customer always forget the number, or lose the card, or they forget to bring the card with them everywhere.
 With just my little recommended changes, Universal Analytics market win more customers Sitecatalyst Adobe Omniture, Clicktrack , WedTrends and Microsoft Analytics , ensuring the reign of the Analytics Market for many years .UA should never forget either encrypt the customer data, change the encryption from time to time, provide better customer service, be better simply because they are, and each of their products.

Alex Rojas Riva