Monday, April 14, 2014

77% of CFOs prepared to explore bigdata & advanced analytics. 42% rely on 7 day old data.


The role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) is shifting to that of technology evangelists—those who identify growth opportunities for the organization and oversee investment strategies to unlock new business value. 
Today’s modern finance function doesn’t resemble the classic, old finance function. Empowered by data insights and collaborative new ways of working, modern finance organizations are no longer content to focus on containing costs and keeping score.

Empowering Modern Finance: The CFO as Technology Evangelist Learn more about the CFO as Technology Evangelist.
Explore the research findings and how the finance function can become a business partner and value creator for the organization.

This research report, commissioned by Accenture and Oracle in collaboration with Longitude Research, confirms that finance organizations across the board are making clear progress toward adopting the following four tenets to develop new capabilities and transform the role of finance:

•  Modern chief financial officers (CFOs) are technology evangelists recognizing the value of digital technologies and new cloud-delivery mechanisms for standardizing and integrating key processes, reducing cost of ownership, and improving finance productivity and decision making.

•  Delivering actionable data insights and value to the rest of the business.

•  Acting as a service-oriented, strategic partner to the business.

•  Enabling maximum operational productivity and efficiency.