Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Data in Google Analytics should be match with the Data or Blogger Statistics.

The Data in Google Analytics should be match with the Data or Blogger Statistics: 

For Geo Location Audience is very different from the Public Data of the same month interval, and is a marked difference. This advice I extend to all other segmentations : 


In my case, my blog: Digital Marketing & A Bit of All, appears as follows :

March 7, 2014 - April 5, 2014 . 

Blogger                                          Google Analytics

Statistics -Vision General-Public       Audience-Geo-Location 

America                                          America


Included Canada                              Not Included Canada 
Not Included Venezuela                    Included Venezuela 
Not Included Ecuador                      Included Ecuador
Not Included Peru                            Included Peru
Not Included Bolivia                        Included Bolivia

Europa                                             Europa

Not included France                          Included France 

Not Included Italy                             Included Italy 
Not Included Romania                       Included Romania
Not Included Greece                          Included Greece 
Not Included Turkey                          Included Turkey

Africa                                                Africa

Not Included
Senegal                         Included Senegal
Not Included Equatorial                     Included Guinea Equatorial Guinea
Not Included Zambia                         Included Zambia

Asia                                                   Asia

Not Included Thailand                       
Included Thailand
Not included Malaysia                        Included Malaysia
Not Included Indonesia                       Included Indonesia
Not Included Philippines                     Included Philippines
Not Included Japan                             Included Japan

Middle East                                        Middle East

Not Included Israel                            
Included Israel
Not Included Iraq                               Included Iraq
Not Included United Arab Emirates     Included United Arab Emirates