Sunday, November 19, 2017

User visibility
In order to foster collaboration among users, Analytics is going to add the ability for each user to see all of the other users who also have permissions for a particular level of the account hierarchy, and for each higher level in the hierarchy. For example, if you have permissions for an Analytics view, then you can see all other users who have permissions for that view, and for the parent property and account.

Administrators and users have options to control account membership and permissions, and consequently determine which users are visible to one another:

Suite Admins can remove users from linked Analytics accounts.
Analytics users who have the Manage Users permission can remove users, as well as reassign users to different areas of the Analytics account hierarchy (e.g., a different view) when there’s a need to move users to separate spaces.
All Analytics users can remove themselves from Analytics accounts.
Learn more about user management in Analytics.

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