Sunday, November 19, 2017

Image Source: Getty / Anthony Harvey
Adriana Lima can make herself look like a totally different person with a simple change of clothes, a variation on her lipstick, or a subtle hair change — that's probably why fashion designers are always choosing her to walk the runway for them. The Brazilian beauty can be sexy and flirty at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, slightly manly wearing a three-piece suit, and even goth with the help of the right eye makeup. Keep scrolling to see all the times Adriana had us wondering "Is that really her?"

When She Walked the Marc Jacobs Runway With Dreads in Her Hair
When She Looked Straight Into Our Souls
When She Wore Her Hair in a Tight, High Ponytail
When Her Cheekbones Were High Up in the Sky at the 2016 Met Gala
When Her Vampy Lips Gave Her a Mysterious Air
When She Looked Devilish on the Runway For Bottega Veneta
When She Was Downright Ethereal at a Versace Show
When She Went Goth at the 2015 Met Gala
When She Wore a Black Wig For the Marc Jacobs Runway
When She Gave the Camera Sultry Eyes
When She Was a Redhead
When She Didn't Smile
When Her Hair Was Nowhere to Be Seen
When She Looked Like a Lioness
When She Went Makeup-Free For a Jason Wu Fashion Show
When Her Hair Was Supercurly
When She Had Highlights
When She Took Inspiration From Men's Fashion
When She Parted Her Hair Down the Middle
When She Had Short Hollywood Waves
When She Wore a Supertight Bun
When She Had the Rachel
When She Sported This Oil Slick Look