Monday, January 02, 2017

Alexander Rojas De La Riva complaint against Verity Blackwell (Dermatologist Consultant)

Dear Julia Salmon (Spire Hospital Director),

Firstly, Happy New Year 2017 !

I hereby make known to you how displeased I am with your letter to me regarding my complaint on first stage against Verity Blackwell.

I am suffering from insect bites (Dust mites) since mid March 2016, and I showed the doctor the bites I had on my body on the day of my appointment (28-10-2016 at 5.15 pm), and also photos that I have in my cellular/mobile of previous bites.

Adult insects (Dust mites) are about a quarter of a millimeter (0.5 mm long) and the immatures are even smaller, and to see these insects it is necessary to use a scanning electron microscope that costs one million dollars, and enlarges the image Of 1, 4, 20 x 10 at -9 nanometer.

Therefore, when Dr. Blackwell used her dermatoscope she could not see these small insects on my right eyebrow. I just told the doctor to look at my right eyebrow because at that moment of the appointment I felt an insect (dust mites) moving in my right eyebrow, after she looked at my right eyebrow for 1 minute, she just repeated that I had the itching problem in my mind again.

If a doctor with a postgraduate and doctorate does not know what to do in these cases, she should have referred me to another specialist, because I had no bites in my right eyebrow, of course she could not see any evidence of any ongoing infestation.

That I who am Systems Engineer have to tell Dr. Verity Blackwell her work, this seems to me to be the last straw.

With all the respect you deserve on my part, but Dr. Blackwell saw the idiot face of both of us.

Dr. Blackwell as a doctor knows very well that today's viruses become immune to today's antibiotics, which is why the major pharmaceutical companies are developing new antibiotics every day. The same happens with pesticides, each day these insects become more immune to existing insecticide formulas and large pesticide companies are developing new pesticides to kill these insects.

I leave you at your own discretion to take the correctives necessary for these cases of medical malpractice, I know it is not medical negligence.

But the patient needs to be told more coherent things, to tell me things like bring me an example of these insects, or I'll do a biopsy to be more sure of what you're suffering, or I'll do a blood test IGE, or tell me: I advise you to wash your clothes with boiling water, then dry the clothes in a dryer until the clothes are dry and kill these tiny insects, etc. Integral and consistent medicine, not many people have enough head to think how to get out of these insect problems and bites, we must give more support and information.

Best regards,
Alexander Rojas De La Riva

P.S.: An allergen-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) blood test is done to check whether a person is allergic to a particular substance. An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system overreacts to something, often in the environment, that's harmless to most people.