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Six Things Your AdWords Manager Won’t Tell You

Six Things Your AdWords Manager Won’t Tell You

by Kris Scheben-EdeyMay 3rd, 2011

Google AdWords " by far the largest self serve advertising platform in the world " is also one of the best ways to drive qualified visitors on a timeline.  In just a few short minutes, you could have an advertising campaign up and running, driving visitors to your content while quickly eating away at your budget.
Many business owners opt to hire an AdWords manager to help manage their campaign, performance and advertising expenses as a way to save time, and improve the overall effectiveness.  A talented, proactive AdWords manager can be a phenomenal asset to any business and help accomplish your advertising goals within a budget and timeline.

Your AdWords manager can help you yield incredible results that on your own seem extremely difficult to achieve.  Just like a magician, your AdWords manager has some tricks up their sleeve; ones that allow them to perform on a scale which just doesnt seem like a possibility for one person to us. Also like a magician, your Adwords manager won't tell you all the tricks of their trade.
Want to know their secrets?  Would you like to know about those tricks your AdWords manager wont bother telling you?
Here are six of the top features and techniques used by AdWords managers to deliver professional results for your campaigns.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

The AdWords Keywords Suggestion Tool enables AdWords managers to quickly scale up campaigns by finding related keywords for each ad group.  Using the external version of the tool will also provide more data on keywords like search volumes, competition level, estimate average cost-per-click and more.

CPC Bid Automation

Recently AdWords introduced the ability to create automated rules.  These rules run at a certain time and can make real-time changes to the campaign based on preset criteria, like clicks, impressions or spending.
With a mastery of automated rules, your AdWords manager can effectively manage a high number of campaigns that would have traditionally required a team to manage.

Dynamic Keyword Insertions

Have you ever done a Google search and noticed an Adwords ad with keywords exactly matching your search phrase?  In general, it appears more relevant to the searched term - but more importantly, it's bolded and eye-grabbing.
Imagine that you could setup your ad to include the exact keyword your audience used to search - and matching it so when they search, your ad shines with the perfectly relevant solutions.
This is the magic of dynamic keyword insertions. Its a neat trick, and an AdWords managers best friend when writing out ads.

Real-Time Alerts

Now that your AdWords manager can effectively create and scale up campaigns, management becomes the focus.  The alert system gives AdWords managers the ability to effectively keep a tab on their advertising efforts and send a signal if anything seems out of place.

Radius & Custom Shape Geo-Targeting

Its common to target a location by simply choosing an area, city, or zip/postal code segment.  However, with custom shape targeting, your AdWords manager can more accurately target their audience with the geological targeting tools.
Using radius or custom shape targeting tools, you can specify a radius around a point to target - or create a custom shape overlay on a map of your target areas.

Historical Campaign Performance

Did you know that your past AdWords performance can have a real effect on your current campaigns, their quality scores and therefore your first page bid price?
Within your account, historical performance on metrics like clicks, impressions, and clickthrough rates are taken into account.  Having a track record of great converting campaigns will result in a slight quality score bonus for all new keywords in a campaign increasing display rankings, lowering bids and making an AdWords managers job a lot easier.
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